Change Challenge Part2

Today is second day using the Preview of Win8 and Office15.   I’m focused on learning the new UI.  I feel a little clumsy as I poke-around the interface.  Despite having used an IPhone and then switching to a Windows Phone this year it is still a learning curve.  I can see that once I get the hang of the UI I will be zooming around between my most common apps and tasks faster, not only because Win8 operates faster than Win7, but the UI cuts down a lot of intermediate steps.

I bought a Kindle eBook today by Jack Dunning, Misunderstanding Windows 8, to help me over the initial learning curve.  [I’m typically a hardback book fan myself.  Something about the eBook UI/UX that just is not right with me yet.  But figure once they nail it my Amazon bill will triple 🙂 even at the lower price for ebooks.].  He is obviously not a Windows or Microsoft fan as he states up front.  However, Win8 seems to be winning him over.

He points out a few tips and tricks that a “New to Windows 8” video would be great for and help many get a jump on becoming productive almost immediately with the new UI.  As I go through page by page I try these tips out to build up my muscle memory.  Breaking my old habits and creating new ones is a challenge, but I find I like the new UI/UX.  I cannot wait for the Surface Pro to come out.  I am not prone to stand inline for buying the latest and greatest, but I may have to reconsider that this time.  I expect I will get two Surface Pros. One for my wife, one for me and a plain Surface for my son who is drooling over the prospect of getting my Win7 Phone when the Win8 phone comes out. .

–Breaks over time to get back to work on a new White Paper I’m writing on how IT organizations can plan for an uncertain future.