Office Remodel Status

Video Editing Workstation Monitor Rack

Finally got my monitors in place for my video editing workstation.  I’m still really impressed with the Knoll monitor rack’s flexibility.  Three widescreen monitors (2) 24″ and (1) 27″ and I still have a full rack bar above for additional monitors.  Next on the to-do list is upgrade software –several of my applications don’t work well on Windows 8– and switch printer/scanner/fax over to a network connection instead of using a USB port.  Then back to audio rack hook-ups.  The Dell XPS-9000 I purchased a few years ago is getting a real workout while I design a dedicated dual or quad cpu system for multimedia work.

Video Editing Workstation

Visual Thinking

I had anticipated having the entire multimedia studio completed before this past summer, but best laid plans…  In the meantime having Video Editing and Office work on the same system has some benefits.  I’m finding it easier to plan out the educational materials for teaching Modern IT Portfolio  Management by simply switching between windows on the workstation rather than systems.  Having Office running on a side monitor keeps my thoughts in front of me and top of mind.  Considering getting one more monitor for the top rack and purchasing Personal KanBan software.  This would give provide a heads up display of my “Think Factory” status as I build the practice.  Susan Conway and I have been discussing various aspects of building out Enterprise Architecture practices this past month.  Its great to have a peer/colleague to bounce ideas off of.

Data Center Remodel

Upgrades my Data Center are going slow, but I’ve been in no rush to rebuild.  I have all the data copied to a rack of external USB drives and until I’m ready to start running simulations and serious video rendering its not a priority.  My home built rack case  has space for (4) 4U Systems Cases, a Battery Backup, 24 Port Gig Switch, power distribution strips, network fax modem, and KVM.  Still need to add the face frame, front panel door and apply a finish to the wood.  Then it will look like a piece of furniture I had planned to make it look like.


Author’s Den

While not a total wreck my author’s den is still no where need functional.  That will most likely be a project to work on in December so I can start in earnest assembling the materials I’ve been creating for “Structure in Threes”.  I’m wondering if I should put out a few shorted e-Books on Amazon first before a tackle the all up text.  Any opinions out there on the benefits or liabilities of doing such?


Office Remodel: Structure Wiring System

Finish rewiring structured wiring system for Home Office this afternoon.  Now just a little cleanup in the cabinet and pulling two CAT 5 cables to my writer’s desk on the far end of the office. [


Homemade 18U server rack in progress…not too many offices have a server rack that looks like furniture.  Next week’s task is to upgrade and rebuild the four systems to 64-bit, look for a external raid case and new LED monitor.  The following week I expect to rebuild the software system and start loading applications.


Structure in Threes

Spent this morning detailing the book outline.   The two part approach looks like it will work nicely: Part One explaining the concepts to those unfamiliar with the techniques giving a foundation to work with, Part Two providing a step by step methodology and explanation of how to use the templates I’ve created.  From a one and a half page outline the planning effort has yielded five pages of chapter and section objectives with small screen shots of templates to be used and a good start on the bibliography and suggested reading list.  The collection of templates I’ve created in past years that I have to update or clean up is growing rather rapidly, that even before I’ve integrated all of them into a common system.  I’m considering creating a common platform like Azure to be the base to integrate all data.  However, I don’t think Azure comes with my Office365 Small Business subscription, so I may have to use SharePoint and Access Services which is not a significant limitation for now.

In the meantime still working on getting Home Office back in shape, today’s task will be getting some of the library in workable form.  I’ve about twenty stacks of books in front of book cases to reorganize.  Now’s the time I wish I had hired that librarian I was talking to at the library of congress.  –At least the stacks are chunked into useful clusters by the taxonomy I created for quick access.  Glad I sent time years ago researching Ontology, Taxonomy and Semantics; it has really helped throughout the years with research.

Change Challenge Part 4

Its been several months now since I started using Windows 8 and about a month using the Surface/RT. I upgraded my Dell XPS9000 tower to Win8 and added a Logitech Touchpad T650 (on the lookout for large format touchscreen). I’m still a bit clunky using the UI (patting your head and rubbing your stomach) however my productivity is starting to improve on the content creation side. On the content consumption it was almost out of the box that I was more productive.

I think once ability for people to pipe information to live tiles is an option, the concept of desktop will change radically: Lenovo Ideacenter hints at such. I can see myself buying a very large screen touch display to use as dashboard/control center for home & office, another for a working top (replace all my white boards), linking it all to SkyDrive / SkyDrive Pro and then using a Surface/RT & Smartphone for day to day activities when I’m not in my office or at home office.

Also ordered a Fitbit {monitors physical activity, sleep, pulse, etc.} this morning which will link up to my windows phone and home pc. Should make putting together and monitoring a healthier lifestyle easier. Hopefully there will be an integration option to HealthVault so I can consolidate all my medical/health records in one place. Have discussed this with my current doctor, could save all of us a lot of time.