Revisting CRM for Independent Consultants

Business Development for Independent Consultants

Spent last night re-reading C.J. Hayden’s book Get Clients Now!  Awesome book for professionals and consultants that dread business development and marketing.  Ms. Hayden has put together a simple to use system to guide those of us in the mystical arts of business development and customer acquisition.  While it doesn’t guarantee you hundreds of clients banging at your door or millions from your first sale, it does provide some oft-times forgotten common knowledge and wisdom.  To get business you need to get known, to get known your have to get out there.  Ms. Hayden’s system guides you through identifying artifacts and activities you can do in a hour or so each day as part of her 28-day Marketing Program.  I remember the first time I read the book thinking I can do that, and I did.  This blog was one of the ideas she suggests in her book.  I work for a large corporation at present, however, I can see the core concepts being adapted for use here also.  In point most of the big CRM systems wish they had a imbedded process like this or Solution Selling, Keith Eades.  That said, the only drawback was its paper based, so I took to building a template to the Get Clients Now! approach last night.  Almost finished with the tracking spreadsheet.  I’m fairly happy with how its working out.  May upsize it to work on Office365 Small Business later:

Get Clients Now

Sabbatical Research Results: Model of client acquisition process

Over the weekend I started to build a simple model of client acquisition process with the intent of revising process models I previously created and deployed.  My sabbatical researching and working in the business development and sales functions the past several years is coming to a close.  This month I will be rationalizing all my notes and insights into a holistic model that includes Technology Evangelism, Sales Engineering and Sales/Account Management.  The follow on month will then be to integrated it with the marketing.  The top level model I came up with is below:


Each of these large activities has been further partitioned into smaller activities, many I’ve either identified or developed job aids to assist in performance at best practice level.   Concepts from this research will be a chapter in my Enterprise Architecture book which will include the social networking research I’m doing now.