Crossing the Chasm revised

Interesting perspective on where the chasm is now.


About briankseitz
I live in PacNW in a small town and work for Microsoft as a Enterprise strategy and architecture SME. I enjoy solving big complex problems, cooking and eating, woodworking and reading. I typically read between 4-8 business and technology books a month.

3 Responses to Crossing the Chasm revised

  1. davidwlocke says:

    This article is a crock. Cognitive is either continuous or discontinuous in the early stages. It is not disruptive in the Christensen sense until you get into the late phases. S-curves do drive the possibility and lifetime of a Foster disruption in the early phases, but those disruptions happen to adjacent categories, not within the category itself. In the Christensen, late phase disruptions, disruption is just another word for competition. It’s nonsense. But, this whole article is nonsense.

    • briankseitz says:

      Thought it was an interesting take on Crossing the Chasm, moving it back further into the lifecycle. My thoughts are gaps occur throughout industry lifecycles

      • davidwlocke says:

        There are other consultants selling other chasms. They are organized on a different basis and have different solutions. They could have made up a word, rather than diluting this particular term.

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