Microsoft Support Services

Had a unproductive Friday with Microsoft Services, despite enrolling in a yearly support program I was rolled around multiple times to the answer desk numerous times to be triaged, forwarded and rerouted back to the answer desk.  No less than six times did I go through the answer desk relating the same information: Problem Area, Operating System, H/W and Software Versions.  I was assigned a ticket number which support staff could not open, they tried to remote to my system and it failed.  Near the middle of the day they escalated to level two, only to reschedule calling back on Saturday.

After rebooting several times, my Outlook mysteriously began to work again Friday evening…Saturday morning Tier Two called, informed them that it started working again.  The staffer decided to triage the situation anyway.  “Which account is having the problem?”   “All of these did, when it stopped last Wednesday.  However, the Outlook client is working again now….”  After poking around my system’s setup checking options, she declared victory and moved on.”   Neither of us know what went wrong or why…but its working and that’s all I care about.

Then only thing out of normal I did before rebooting was to have Norton 360 do a complete scan and virus check (it found nothing).  After posting on Friday, several others reached out to me also reporting they had similar occurrences with Outlook 2013.   Don’t know.  I had experience reporting checked on ALL my Microsoft products for years, hopefully this incident will be caught and fixed in the next update.

In the meantime my wife –who now has multiple PCs also– sees the value in doing such.  Without having my Surface(s) and another tower, I would have been stopped dead in my tracks from working waiting for support to fix my primary workstation.   I see it as a small price to pay for business continuity.  A little funny when I consider some of these issues are what I’m addressing for my clients.



About briankseitz
I live in PacNW in a small town and work for Microsoft as a Enterprise strategy and architecture SME. I enjoy solving big complex problems, cooking and eating, woodworking and reading. I typically read between 4-8 business and technology books a month.

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