Outline Section 4: SharePoint as an ITIL implementation tool

Building an ITIL implementation in SharePoint

SharePoint with its flexibility as a collaboration and workflow platform can assist in creating the enabling infrastructure for ITIL.  Many of the point solutions that have been developed can be integrated (loosely coupled) through SharePoint features such as Business Connectivity Services (BCS).  An “Active” Service Catalog, one that end-users can browse and select from can be created from lists, document libraries, InfoPath forms and simple workflows.  Monitoring and Reporting of disparate systems can be integrated into a Service Dashboard using PerformancePoint.  These are just a few of the components that have been prototyped and piloted which had been the genesis of this white paper.   Below is more detail descriptions of the components previously mentioned.    

SharePoint as a Service Catalog

SharePoint can be used as a repository for the definition of services. This same repository can be published to potential and existing customers to enable them to understand services available to them, how to order, service to be expected, know which services they’ve purchased as well as introduce new services that are to become available. 

Service Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB)

With a minimum effort SharePoint workflows can be configured into a Service Order Entry System that will enable prospective customers to configure and order a service, submit, track and confirm delivery of services from the catalog.

 SharePoint as a Customer Account Management

SharePoint can be configured into a Customer Account Management system that will keep track of customers, customer orders, order status and services provided thus giving I.T. Service Management Staff a complete picture of the services and performance a customer is receiving.

SharePoint as Technical Issue Knowledgebase Management

Self-Help and Technical Issue Knowledgebase Management

  • Explain benefits of how to create a FAQ and Issues Knowledge Base

Help Desk Automation (ticket tracking)

  • Explain benefits of how to create a help desk ticket management system

SharePoint as a Performance Management System

Technology Monitoring and Reporting

  • Explain how SharePoint Dashboard could be used to display status of Servers and Applications from System Center and with additional programing display status of Business/IT Services [Performance Point and System Center Integration ]

Policy Deployment Management (Hoshin Planning)

  • Explain how Hoshin Planning can assist in more effective deployment of ITIL and IT/Business Alignment
    • Explain what Hoshin planning is and how it helps align and manage strategy deployment
      • Hoshin Planning is a Strategic Planning technique developed in Japan during the TQM and Management by Objectives initiatives of the 1960s
      • Unlike many other planning techniques, Hoshin, provides a means to link Strategy to Execution
        • Hoshin Planning uses a set of cascading and interlinked matrices to refine strategic objectives into greater detail and actionable tasks throughout the organization.    
  • Explain how to use SharePoint / PerformancePoint KPI rollup features to enable Hoshin Planning
    • SharePoint PerformancePoint provides the ability to roll-up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measurements and associate them into higher level KPIs. 
    • This feature makes SharePoint’s PerformancePoint feature an excellent candidate as the technology infrastructure to support Hoshin Planning






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2 Responses to Outline Section 4: SharePoint as an ITIL implementation tool

  1. Minh Phan says:

    Hi, I really like your thinking. We are actually planning for developing a SharePoint based service management system for ourselves. The question I am having at the time is if there is any completed ITIL solution available for us to buy or even customize as our need. Could you please give me some advises? Thanks very much.

  2. briankseitz says:

    I haven’t found an out-of-the-box solution for ITIL. I am working with AgilePoint on building a solution. You may wish to contact Jessie Shiah regarding being a Beta-site for this ITIL solution.

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