Abstract: SharePoint as an ITIL implementation tool


ITIL is an Information Technology service model that has gained CIO and Senior I.T. Management attention. This service model promises to improve service quality, performance and efficiency within I.T. organizations. While ITIL appears to answer many of the I.T. – Customer interface and satisfaction issues CIOs are plagued with on a daily basis, there remain three small problems: implementation, deployment and adoption.

Implementation to date has been fragmented to be kind. A contributing factor for this has been the lack of processes and tools. ITIL like BPR, TQM, Six Sigma and other industry initiatives are intellectual systems. These contain only conceptual models and sets of best practice area definitions. While there are some point applications that cover a small segment of ITIL requirements, it is primarily left to the practitioner and organization to figure out how-to implement a complete system and gain adoption.

Deployment and Adoption of point applications has moved ITIL forward, however, not as intended. Many of the point applications are just that, a narrow context creating yet another silo within the I.T. organization. The ability to deploy and control these applications as part of an overarching strategy has gotten lost in the rush to address immediate pain points. This paper will present efforts by one Federal Department to operationalize ITIL using SharePoint. The paper will cover:

  • A summary description of ITIL, its benefits, who should care and why
  • Issues that affect ITIL adoption within I.T. organizations 
  • A conceptual model of ITIL implementation within SharePoint
  • Various components of these model being implemented within SharePoint (e.g., Service Catalog, Customer Account Management, CMDB, etc.), being deployed and adopted
  • One approach, a policy deployment management system that has proven successful in with managing other enterprise initiatives from a strategic perspective

About briankseitz
I live in PacNW in a small town and work for Microsoft as a Enterprise strategy and architecture SME. I enjoy solving big complex problems, cooking and eating, woodworking and reading. I typically read between 4-8 business and technology books a month.

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