Talking about A textbook definition of cowardice – Countdown with Keith Olbermann –



A textbook definition of cowardice – Countdown with Keith Olbermann –

I’m no Clinton fan by any means; as far from it as you can be on the spectrum.  However, I do find that this year a lot of he said she said nonsense is going on rather than the simple examination of the facts and performance.  Clinton was no gem, however, the issue is Bush, Terrorism and quality of life since he’s taken office.  Mine has definately suffered.  I find business travel yet along pleasure travel a serious heartburn.  Security has decreased with all the things that have happened not increased. Gas prices a joke, the environment in the toilet, and a rising intolerance to anyone that’s not a W.A.S.P.  I’m waiting to see a white sheet and hat on good o’ld "W" next.  Because despite the surface appearance his people –that he directs– certainly are selling hate about non-americans as he defines them.

Terrorist shoud not be tolerated!  However, neither should the ends justify the means.  If we stoop to inhuman practices to gather information aren’t we becoming them?  While its still a far stretch to Nazi Germany, its a slippery slope we’re dancing on.  Intolerance of any peoples should not be tolerated; aren’t we a nation of immigrates or was that a lie they told us in US History in elementary school.



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